Marigold Parlour Dustin Patrick Smith

Dustin Patrick Smith

Dustin began his career in the fashion industry, traveling across country and abroad as a freelance hair and makeup artist for some of the nation’s leading agencies. His work has been featured at Miami‚Äôs fashion week, in national and international magazines, album covers and on television. Dustin has also worked with a number of celebrities in his career, doing their hair and makeup.

Dustin has continued to grow and stay educated as an artist by attending the Vidal Sassoon school in Chicago. There he learned hair cutting techniques and other fundamentals in order to continue to grow as an artist. He worked with the Joico/ISO team of educators, traveling around the country to teach other hair stylists about the latest, seasonal trends. And every chance he gets he tries to expand even more—doing creative photo shoots that showcase his hair and makeup.

Today, Dustin enjoys living in Raleigh and is a co-owner of Marigold Parlour. He is married with twins and has had a blast diving into this new challenge of life. Dustin loves being creative in any format, continues to grow as an artist and is thrilled to be a part of Marigold Parlour.

To inquire about appointments with Dustin, call the salon at 919.833.0146.

Dustin’s Work